Real Estate Agents in Carlise, MA

Real Estate Agents at Barrett Sotheby’s International Realty in Carlisle

Here you will find experienced real estate agents who work and live in Carlisle MA. If you are looking for a home for sale in Carlisle we can help you find one, or if you want to move, we are best suited to market a house for sale in Carlisle. Whether you are just starting out and plan to raise a family here, or are making a lifestyle transition, we offer unparalleled service, unmatched professionalism and the highest ethical standards. Please contact a Realtor below to make your transaction a smooth one. The Carlisle office is located at 15 Lowell Street, Carlisle, MA 01741.

Carol Avery

Cell: 978.758.7474
Direct: 978.831.1640

Rita Bissonnette Clark

Cell: 978.500.1868
Direct: 978.831.1642

Susan Blair

Cell: 978.501.0370
Office: 978.369.6453

Jeannette Creighton

Cell: 781.258.0535
Direct: 978.831.1623

Meredith Dee

Cell: 978.609.4464
Direct: 978.831.1638

Margaret Frazier-Plodzik

Cell: 978.337.3537
Office: 978.831.1615

Eileen Furth

Cell: 978.549.7448
Direct: 978.831.1639

Greg Higgins

Cell: 508.380.4858
Direct: 978.831.1637

Barbara Lynch

Cell: 978.618.0707
Office: 978.831.1608

Laura McKenna

Cell: 508.361.2243
Office: 978.831.1625

Kevin Thomas Plodzik

Cell: 978.337.3536
Office: 978.831.1615

Lorna Rush

Direct/FAX: 978.831.1644
Office: 978.369.6453

Candace Sullivan

Cell: 978.505.7035
Voicemail: 978.831.1611

K.C. Winslow

Cell: 978.837.0377
Office: 978.369.6453
Direct: 978.831.1647

Pam Woodard

Cell: 978.857.9492
Office: 978.831.1656

Nancy Wright

Cell: 978.697.9662
Office: 978.831.1627