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Navigating Open Houses & Questions to Ask

Open House

Navigating open houses can be tricky for some homebuyers. With so many details to consider, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. This guide will help you make the most out of your open house visits by focusing on essential questions and observations to find the perfect [...]

Outdoor Living: Creating the Perfect Backyard Oasis

Beautiful Outdoor Living Area

Creating an outdoor living space that complements your home and meets your needs is a commitment to enhancing your quality of life. Whether you're a homeowner looking to improve your property or a home seller aiming to increase its market value, a well-designed backyard oasis can serve as a game-changer. Here's how you can transform your [...]

Signs It Might Be Time To Sell Your Home

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Deciding when to sell your home is never easy, but sometimes the signs that it's time to move on are clear. Whether it's a change in lifestyle, financial adjustments, or shifts in the local real estate market, recognizing these indicators can help make your decision more straightforward. As Barrett Sotheby’s International Realty CEO Laurie [...]

Our Realtors Recommend - Local Summer Concerts

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With summer right around the corner, we are excited to welcome back some summer concerts!  Our towns have a huge range of outdoor music to enjoy, from classical and kids entertainment to top tribute acts covering all your favorite songs. From Winchester to Westford, Acton to Bedford and everywhere in between, here’s our realtor’s pick of the [...]

Housing Market Update: May 2024 Sales

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Taking our monthly look at the housing market, we see some interesting trends and shifts compared to the same period in 2023. The towns north of Boston—Concord, Acton, Westford, Lexington, Bedford, Winchester, and their neighbors—continue to show dynamic real estate market activity. Let's delve into the numbers and see what they [...]

What Can a Buyer's Agent Do For You?

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In this Spring’s fast-moving real estate market, finding a home is just the beginning. The path to a successful home purchase is paved with numerous steps and potential pitfalls. A trusted, professional buyer’s agent is essential to navigate the process—here are just a few of the skills they bring to the party to ensure a smooth and [...]

Four Key Ingredients for a Successful Home Purchase

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Home buyers have faced a tough road in recent years, with limited inventory making the hunt for the perfect home challenging. And once you do find that gem, how do you make sure your offer stands out? We asked our expert agents for their top tips on securing your dream home. Here are the four essential ingredients they [...]

Springtime Fairs and Festivals Near You

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Spring is in full swing! It's that delightful time in New England when we eagerly embrace the warmer weather and the myriad of family-friendly events in our communities. From traditional fairs to fun-packed festivals, there's something for everyone just around the corner. Check our list for something local to you and dive into the springtime [...]

Housing Market Update: April 2024 Sales

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The latest sales numbers for our local real estate market reveal notable shifts and trends. Comparing this April to the same period last year, an overall increase in average sale prices can be observed, particularly in Acton and Carlisle, where values have surged by over 20%. Similarly, median house prices have shown significant [...]

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