Weekend Events in Greater Boston: Memorial Day 2017

Still not sure what you’re doing this Memorial Day Weekend? The towns we serve, and Greater Boston, have a lot of opportunities for you! 

In Bedford, MA the Memorial Day Ceremony and Bedford Memorial Day Parade take place. The events are said to start at 11:15am on Monday, at the Old Burying Ground in Bedford. 

In Lincoln, MA there will be a Memorial Day Barbecue for Veterans. This will be held at Bemis Hall, 15 Bedford Road, Lincoln from 11:30am - 1pm. However, Veterans must RSVP (contact: 781.259.8811, as per the website).

In Lexington, MA the weekend starts off with the Annual Discovery Day in the Municipal Parking Lot on Muzzey Street/Waltham Street. This event will be held from 1am - 3pm, followed by a free concert by The Nowhere Men from 3:30pm - 5:30pm. The day awaits you with dancing, food, shopping, clowns, and tables from each Town Department. Free parking and Lexpress Rides will also be available throughout the day for your convenience. 

On Memorial Day, Lexington will have wreath-laying ceremonies starting at 8:45am. For a full schedule, visit the town website here

If you are looking for something further out, Boston also has various events this weekend. 

For a summer feel, the Boston Pops present Jaws in concert on Thursday and Friday evening starting at 8pm. The iconic movie will be coupled with live score for an evening to really start the warmer weather.

Throughout the weekend the Memorial Day Flag display will be on the Boston Common. 

While you are in the city, there will also be free admission to the Museum of Fine Arts on Monday, from 10am - 4:45pm.

With all of this in mind, you can plan ahead and enjoy the weekend! 

Weekend Events in Greater Boston: SoWa Open Market

Every Saturday and Sunday between April 29th and October 29th from 10am - 4pm, local vendors and artisans gather together to create the SoWa Open Market in Boston, MA. Locals and visitors alike are welcomed to the various venues along Harrison Avenue, predominantly between Paul Sullivan Way and Union Park Street. The goal? To build community and support small, local businesses. 

Visit the SoWa Arts Market at 460 Harrison Avenue to meet the artisans who set-up shop for the weekend, 75-100 at a time. Carefully curated, this event provides the perfect opportunity to select art for your home, daily life, and more. Every First Friday of the month galleries open to the public from 5pm - 9pm for a night of new culture.

The SoWa Farmers Market is located at 500 Harrison Avenue, providing the ability to do some light (or heavy) shopping in place of your weekly stop to the grocer's. 

Cap your time at the SoWa Open Market with the Food Truck Bazaar and the Beer Garden, both located at 540 Harrison Avenue. The Food Truck Bazaar hosts 10-15 of Boston's best food trucks, weekly. The Beer Garden is the first weekly, outdoor venue of it's kind in Boston, hosted by eatBoston. 

Countless restaurants, studios, and stores are open throughout the year - including the Vintage Market at 450 Harrison Avenue. Selling antiques, vintage items, and oddities, this store is open all Sundays 10am - 4pm and alongside the Open Market on Saturdays 11am - 4pm.  

The weekends of mid-spring to mid-fall allow the ability to host a variety of events, workshops, and shopping opportunities in the South End, but the festivity does not end there! This community continues various gatherings throughout the year. The Power Station, once the world's largest electric power generation plant, has been renovated and restored as a venue for events of all kinds. For more, the continually updated calendar can be found here.

2016 Residential Tax Rates Greater Boston Towns

The following are the 2016 tax rates for our Greater Boston communities. We are happy to provide this comparison as a real estate resource in Greater Boston for over 30 years. If you are considering a home purchase or rental in the area and would like assistance in comparing these towns on other important factors, please call us at 978-369-6453 or email us at We look forward to assisting you.


Ice Bootcamp Gains Momentum in Massachusetts


You don't need a gym membership for this one, just some gigantic New England ice dams and the will to keep the water on the outside of your house.

For the Ice Death Bootcamp you need four 50# bags of calcium chloride, 4 feet of snow, an 8' step ladder, a 12 foot roof rake, an axe, and of course, 16" ice dams. Here's the drill:

Day 1: Flat roof shoveling
Clear half your flat-roof garage of the almost 4 ft. of snow using a shovel and a wheelbarrow. You'll need to haul this gear up to the flat roof. While clearing the roof, be sure to dump snow off the back -- you'll need the 10 foot pile of snow for Day 2. This event will not be held if the outside temperature is above 15F.
When complete, get a beer and try not to feel too good about what you got done. Day 1 is cake compared to Day 2.
Day 2: The main event
- Finish clearing snow from the flat roof in 2 hours or less, then stow your gear.
- Unload the 4 50# bags of calcium chloride from the back of your car and do 10 step lunges with each bag held against your chest.
- Break for lunch
Ice Dam Challenge
1. Climb up on the flat roof and then down to the back (all the back doors are blocked with snow anyway). Break trail through 4 ft. of snow the length of the house in back (2 passes).
2. Return to the front by climbing back over the garage for each piece of equipment, as follows:
- Roof rake
- Ladder
- Axe
- 5 gal. bucket filled with ice melt (deductions for any spillage)
3. Retrace your steps on the newly broken trail with each piece of equipment:
- Carrying the 8 foot ladder overhead (snow's too deep to carry at your side). Deductions for touching the snow with the ladder.
- Carrying a 5 gal. bucket filled with ice melt with both arms up against your chest. If you fall over and spill, restart at the front of the house.
- Axe held overhead like you're an infantryman crossing a rice paddy
- Roof rake held vertical like a medieval pikeman
Place each piece of gear in the designated zone.
4. Now, take roof rake and clean the entire roof six feet up the eave, starting at the east end of the house.
5. Now, set the ladder at the east end of the house, climb to the third from top step, and rake another 6 feet of snow from the eave to expose the back of your magnificent second-level ice dams. Repeat down the length of the house, moving and resetting the ladder as you go.
6. Return to the east end of the house . Reset the step ladder -- bonus points for the added weight of snow/ice on the ladder as you struggle to control it in 4 ft. of snow and uneven footing.
7. Taking your axe, climb to the third-from-top step, and take 25 full force blows on the thickest ice dam. Bonus points for loosening ice chunks of greater than 25#. Point deductions for knocking yourself off the ladder, but bonus points, if that happens, for keeping your grip on the axe as you fall into the 4 ft. of snow. Double points for landing face down.
8. Now, cut channels in your ice dams every four feet, the length of the house. When complete, return axe to equipment zone.
9. Reset the ladder at the east end of the house. Take your 5 gal. bucket filled with ice melt and climb back to that 3rd from top step. Using the scoop, fling ice melt as far down the roof as you can, being sure to land the granules above the ice dams. Alternate left and right hands. After emptying the bucket, climb down, then climb back over to the front of the house with the empty bucket, refill with ice melt, and return to the back, climbing over the house with the bucket.
10. Repeat 5 times to cover the ice dams with ice melt.
11. Stand under one of your 6 foot icicles and allow the now rapidly flowing meltwater to drain down your neck, inside your parka for 15 seconds.
Congratulations, you've survived Ice Death Bootcamp. Maybe just barely, so here are some nearby places that do deep muscle massage: