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Bringing Your Interests Home: Finding the Right Space is Key

Heading for the home stretch of summer can mean a lot of things, but it should never mean the end of the fun! For car aficionados the summer and fall months are golden, filled with car events all over.

This coming weekend alone there are Chevelle and El Caminos to see in Westford, the Sons of Italy Car Show in Wilmington, the New Marlborough Classic Car Show, the Whitinsville Cars in The Park, and the Road Devils Boston Massacre in East Bridgewater!

When you’re looking to bring your interests home however, finding the right space is key.

If you or a loved one are a tinkerer or a well-skilled craftsman, you are surely aware that not all hobbies are odorless or quiet. That’s where the builder of 15 Charles Street, Bedford, MA one of our recently listed new construction properties, says his garage stands out from the competition. In fact, he highlights this as a selling-point for the garages he built there, “For the car community, a big advantage is having the garage detached from the house.”

For the car community, a big advantage is having the garage detached from the house.

The garage at 15 Charles Street not only allows for car enthusiasts to enjoy their interests, but also provide space that could be used for snowmobiles, boats, or tools for tradesmen. Ample loft space allows for storage of additional tools and items that are necessary for winter or summer hobbies such as skis, snowboards, beach gear, and more. The epoxy floor allows durability for all types of work, and the heated office space just off the garage adds an opportunity for tranquility when the problem just won’t be fixed!

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Seller Spotlight: Michio Ihara

Image of Ihara's home studio in his Concord, MA home (above).

Michio Ihara’s brass and stainless sculptures are on display the world over. The metal geometric shapes have a lightness and movement that belie the materials from which they are created. The sculptures take many forms from wall-mounted or suspended to those incorporating wind and kinetic elements. 

Barrett | Sotheby's International Realty is fortunate to be listing his incredible 4,383 sq. ft. studio and 3,255 sq. ft. home in Concord, MA where he has worked since 1981. To see this amazing property; visit our website here

His visually exciting sculptures can be found in corporate parks while others are displayed in hospitals, places of worship, and natural outdoor spaces. Highlights of his breadth of work with photographs of wall, suspended, wind and kinetic sculptures in situ may be seen on Ihara’s website.

Check out the most recent article about him in Huffington Post. His work allows viewers and observers a moment of peace in their day while providing visual stimulation that changes and engages the viewer anytime they have the pleasure to see it.