Sotheby's Auction House

Sign of the Times

ny-yankees-lettersAnyone who has ever needed to balance work and pleasure, knows that the best way to do it is through your hobbies. Take up a new sport, learn to paint, go fishing, buy 10-foot-tall sign from the old Yankee Stadium. What?

Ok, the last one was a little on the odd side. Unless of course, you're Hall of Famer, Reggie Jackson. Jackson purchased the letters back in 2008 along with his old locker room, and a few rows from the bleachers where he placed three consecutive  home runs in the 1977 World Series (which he won with the Yankees).

But wait! There's more! Jackson is putting the letters up for sale through Sotheby's. (We're working around the clock to get the letters displayed in one of the Barrett SIR storefronts).

The letters will be sold for an estimated $300,000-$600,000, which is great news for those of us who have both, half a million dollars to spend, and 1400 square feet of wall space to kill.

The auction takes place April 1st at 8 pm. Hmmm just imagine what a piece of Fenway would fetch . . .

Remarkable Holiday Gifts

After all the Amazon items have been chosen, ordered and sent and you have worn through your favorite shoes at the mall; there are treasures still available for those with ready money and exquisite taste. At Sotheby's auction houses in New York and London you will find extraordinary jewels, European modern home furnishings from the Jon Stryker collection, Tiffany light fixtures and vases. Hmmm, a beautifully printed i.o.u. for an Apple Watch (available in January 2015) would also be a winner, ( in case my husband is reading this). So, get at it, there is still time and treasures!


Time for Good Wine

sotheby's auction wine

Recently the Sotheby's auction houses in New York and Hong Kong sold some of the best wines from the renowned cellar of Silicon Valley entrepreneur James H Clark. It's hard not to imagine the delight one of these wines would bring to a group of friends and family members gathered around an elegant table for a holiday meal. Well, maybe we cannot taste it for ourselves, but we can dream . . .