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Our Management Team

The dedicated teams at Barrett Sotheby's International Realty are committed to supporting our sales associates and the overall success of our valued clients and company.


Laurie Cadigan Owner, President 

Laurie Cadigan, Owner and President
Managing Broker, Concord, Carlisle & Lincoln
Phone: 978-831-1605
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Laurie Cadigan Owner, President          

John Cadigan, Co-Owner
Chief Operating Officer
Phone: 978-831-1659
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John E. Cadigan
Operations Director
Phone: 978-831-1604
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Krystal Brule
Managing Broker, Acton & Westford
Phone: 978-831-1810
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Diane Higgins, Managing Broker

Diane Higgins
Managing Broker, Bedford & Lexington
Phone: 781-313-8133
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Christina Keene
Managing Broker, Winchester
Phone: 603-820-2735
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Kim Burke
Accounting Coordinator
Phone: 978-831-1817
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Mary Burke
Administrative Support
Phone: 978-831-1631
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Debbie Carson
Finance Manager
Phone: 781-729-7900
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Jeff Clarke
Marketing Coordinator, Acton
Phone: 978-831-1811
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Kathie DeRoche
Marketing & Communications Manager
Phone: 978-831-1653
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Linda Fabrizio
Administrative Support
Phone: 978-831-1630
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Maureen Foster
Transaction Manager
Phone: 781-729-7900
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Danny Hales
Filmmaker / Marketing Coordinator
Phone: 978-831-1807
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Beth Howell
Administrative Support
Phone: 978-831-1812
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Grazyna Kamieniecki
Office Manager, Lexington
Phone: 978-831-1814
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Laurie Cadigan Owner, President

Sue Leone
Accounting Manager
Phone: 978-831-1657
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Laurie Cadigan Owner, President

Shelley Moore
Solutions & Integration Manager, Realtor
Phone: 978-831-1816
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Suzy Ramsey
Manager, Digital Marketing Communications
Phone: 781-729-7900
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Adam Sams
Marketing Coordinator, Winchester
Phone: 781-729-7900
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Francine Shannon
Director of Marketing
Phone: 978-831-1652
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Chantelle Somers
IT Coordinator
Phone: 781-996-2879
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Arielle Torkildsen
Marketing Manager / Graphic Designer, Bedford & Lexington
Phone: 978-831-1815
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Karen Wallace
Director of Relocation
Phone: 978-621-0507
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