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The BIG Cheese

December 4th will mark the 5th annual Crucolo Cheese Parade, where The Concord Cheese Shop will welcome in a 400 lb. wheel of Crucolo cheese. The wheel, which is imported from the town of Scurelle in Trento, Italy, is and has been a product of the same family for the last 250 years. Still not impressed?, they are also the producers of the worlds largest salami!

Peter Lovis, longtime friend of both Barrett Sotheby's International Realty and the town of Concord, has been rolling out the red carpet in order to roll in the Crucolo cheese wheel for 5 years running. Anyone who has spent a moment with Peter can attest to the fact that, not only does he run an amazing cheese shop, but that he does so with an unmatched sense of passion. When the subject of Crucolo comes up however, his enthusiasm hits a level which is much to be admired. According to Peter, the Crucolo is a mild and creamy cheese most similar to an asiago fresco, but it's tasty bite at the end, is what brings everyone back for more. Crucolo makes an excellent melting cheese for fondue, grilled cheeses or even topping a tasty burger! While this wheel will weighs in at 400 lbs., the same family also produces a 1000 lb. wheel, which is only passed up, due to it not fitting through the door. On a side note: I've just begun taking apart my door frame. This is one of the kookiest and most delightful new traditions - music, horse-drawn cart, proclamations; believe me, you don't want to miss it!

Thursday, December 4 3:30 pm - (sharp) The Cheese Shop (located at 29 Walden Street, Concord, MA 01742)

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