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4 Benefits of Moving to the Greater Boston Area

Moving to Greater Boston AreaConsidering moving to the Greater Boston area? You’re making the right decision. Boston has a thriving job market, strong educational opportunities, a central location in New England, plus it’s a food heaven!

Job Market

Boston is home to big name companies in the technology, financial services, and life sciences sectors. You can find Google in Cambridge, Amazon in Seaport, and more companies like Pfizer, Fidelity Investments, and Liberty Mutual scattered across the city. Along with industry leaders, Boston is home to many up and coming startups who offer appealing benefits and plentiful stock options. The high salaries in Boston can make up for the cost of living. Drop your resume around at some Boston companies- you won’t regret it!

Educational Opportunities

Known for its educational opportunities, Boston is home to countrywide educational leaders such as Harvard, MIT, Boston University, and Boston College. Higher education isn’t the only sector of education Boston excels in. Massachusetts consistently ranks as one of the top states in public education. They say “doing well isn’t good enough” and students consistently shine, possibly due to the excellent quality of teachers in Massachusetts.

Central Location

Boston is located in a great spot in the Northeast. It’s possible to take a day trip to multiple different states. If you want to go explore a national park, head up the coast to Acadia National Park in Maine. If you want to go to another city, New York and Providence are just a car ride away. Interested in relaxing by the lake or in the mountains? New Hampshire and Vermont have both. The possibilities are endless in Boston.

Great Food Scene

Foodies will be in heaven with Boston food. Massachusetts is known for its seafood, being right on the coast after all. Try some New England clam chowder or lobster. Is seafood not your thing? No worries. Boston has nearly every type of cuisine you can think of. You will have to make multiple outings to eat your way through the city!

If you have any questions about buying a home in the Greater Boston area, contact Barrett Sotheby's International Realty. We'd love to help you find your new home!

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