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Building Basics - Tackle Home Improvements with Confidence

Beautifully Renovated BathroomIf you are tackling a remodeling project this spring, big or small, our Beyond Boston magazine has some great tips for you to follow. Building Basics covers all aspects of the process and what you need to consider at every stage, along with how to make sure you are hiring the right professionals. There are also some great resources in the magazine of local design firms and contractors who can help you get your project off to the right start. 

The best piece of advice we can offer when taking on a construction project of any size is planning. You'll need to consider many factors - budget, timing, location, even the New England weather. The more you can plan ahead the smoother your project will be. And with any home improvement, consider your return on investment.  Generally speaking, any improvement to your home is a good thing, but if you are improving with an eye to sell you should consider what will make the biggest impact in the current market. Kitchens and bathrooms are still the two areas where you can make the biggest impact on your home's value. Regarding style, even though demand still outstrips supply in most of our towns, you still want to ensure your home appeals to a wide range of people. Be wary of too many custom or personalized updates of you are planning to sell - if you are not careful you could end up over-spending on a project that won't actually add value to your home. You might also find that many buyers are prepared - and want - to make their own improvements, so the work you are planning may not be necessary to prepare your home for sale. In all circumstances, a conversation with a local realtor before you commit to any projects will help you ensure you are not "over-improving" your home or spending on unnecessary work.

If you are improving instead of moving, you have a bit more freedom to personalize your style and finishes, but you should consider enlisting the services of a design company to make sure you are making the best use of the space for what you need. And of course, any professionals you hire should be properly licensed and be able to supply references. Our realtors work with a number of local companies and are happy to provide some resources for your consideration. 

Beyond Boston is a free guide to your towns and our services. Pick up your copy from any of our eight offices or at select local businesses.



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