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Easy Decor Ideas to Get Your Home Fall Ready

Fall Decor with Autumn CandlesIntroducing seasonal décor is a wonderful way to brighten up your home, and never more so than in the fall. Autumn brings a warm palette of colors as the tree foliage turns brilliant colors of scarlet, yellow, deep orange, and purple before falling to the ground below. The inviting smells of pumpkin and apple pies fill our kitchens and the aroma gives visitors a heartwarming welcome. There are some very simple decorative ways to mark the season - here's are some of our realtors favorite ways to bring fall home. 

Color Palette: When considering your color palette for decorating in autumn, simply look outside for inspiration. The natural and brilliant colors of the fall foliage in the wild and in your home garden will serve you well. Look for colors that speak to you and your personal aesthetic. Traditional fall colors include rich browns, deep oranges, yellows, and scarlets. Your garden might also include Japanese anemones and hydrangeas which provide hues of pinks and purples, and mums will bring a pop of color until well at least the first frost. Celebrate autumn with your favorite seasonal colors! 

Gourds and Miniature Squash: Ornamental gourds and miniature squash take center stage in autumn décor. They are inexpensive and will quickly transform your porch, foyer, and mantel with warm and rich natural color. With a little patience and know-how gourds can be dried and preserved to enjoy in your autumn decorations year after year. 

Pumpkins: Jack-o-lanterns are a sure sign of fall as October 31st draws closer with every passing day. Pumpkins can definitely be incorporated into your autumn home décor in their natural state and as decorative motifs on throw pillows and table linens. Mini pumpkins in a large dish make for a simple and elegant table setting. 

Contrast: A common and essential element of design is contrast. Consider setting your table with rustic and natural items to contrast the elegance of your finest porcelain service sets and silverware. Give your older blanket a new purpose in life by cutting it up into placements (plaid blankets work very well in this regard). Bring elements of natural wood to your place settings. A cinnamon stick will serve well as a decorative name-place and the subtle aroma will create just the right amount of culinary suspense as your guest and family gather for the holiday meal. 

Plaids: Is there a quintessential autumn pattern? The answer is yes. The pattern is plaid. Introducing plaids with throw pillows, blankets, and table linens will bring a warm and cozy feeling into your rooms. Remember to decorate conservatively and with taste…plaids will work best in contrast to larger areas of solid color. 

A Copper Kettle: Copper is an exquisite design element to include in your fall décor. The reddish-brown color of the metal works in complete harmony with the warm color palette of autumn. There is no need to purchase new pieces. Vintage copper kettles, mugs, bowls, pots, and pitchers are perfect treasures to gather from estate sales, second-hand outdoor markets, and antique shops. The vintage items are full of character and make wonderful flower planters, dried flower vases, and accent pieces. You will want to include green foliage to complement the beautiful copper patina.

Dried Flower Arrangements: Mason jars, vintage copper containers, and white ceramic containers are the perfect setting for your dried flower arrangements. Remember your autumn color palette when shopping for dried flowers. And don’t forget to select focal flowers (simply a larger flower to create a center of interest). Branch elements are interesting to include in your dried flower arrangements for autumn. A manzanita branch from your local florist is an excellent place to start while you are putting together your floral centerpiece on the mantle or table. 

Door Wreath: There is a door wreath for every season of the year. During fall, welcome your guests with a wreath of dried flowers, dried corn, or colorful leaves. 

The real estate agents at Barrett Sotheby’s International Realty wish you and your family a warm and happy autumn season. We look forward to helping you with your real estate needs in Greater Boston and beyond. Contact us today!

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