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Spring Maintenance to Boost Curb Appeal

It is officially spring so now is the time to attend to some outdoor maintenance. As the frosty mornings give way to warmer weather there are some key tasks to take care of to get your home in top shape for the coming season. If you are looking to sell this spring, tackling these chores will enhance your curb appeal and make your home stand out to potential buyers.


Prep your Lawn

Now it’s no longer covered in snow your grass is going to need a bit of love and care. It’s still a bit early for mowing but now is the time for a tidy up after winter. Rake up any leaves remaining from fall, plus debris from winter storms such as twigs, stones, and so on. Next step is to treat the lawn with a pre-emergent herbicide to keep the weeds at bay. Then you should apply fertilizer and overseed any bare or dead patches, so that by the time the weather warms up your lawn will be ready for prime time! If you have an irrigation system, make an appointment with your service provider to get your system primed and ready to go.


Bring Order to your Borders

Now is the perfect time to mulch, before all your perennials start to bloom and make it hard to get an even coverage. It will also help you get – and stay – ahead of the weeds. Mulch protects your plants, helping retain moisture in the soil and protecting the roots from pests and the summer heat. It also makes your beds look smart – whether you prefer the look of dark mulch or the red / brown variety, neatly-mulched flower beds and borders give great curb appeal.


Clear your Gutters

If you didn’t get to this job before the snow fell now is a good time to attend to this task. Then when the April showers come you won’t risk overflowing gutters damaging the paintwork on your house - or soaking your Open House visitors! Call in the professionals if your guttering needs repair or adjustment, or if you are not confident on a ladder.


Paint and Polish

Winter is not kind to the exterior of our homes, so once the weather calms down take the opportunity to check for any damage to screens, woodwork, shingles, and other places where the snow and ice might have had effect. Touch up any paintwork, or get the house painters in if you want a completely fresh look - peeling or faded paint will be a red-flag to certain buyers. Even a simple task such as cleaning your windows – both inside and out – can make your home sparkle. 


Whether you are making a move or staying put, you’ll benefit from taking care of this simple spring maintenance! If you are looking for advice on how else to prepare your home for sale, get in touch. We offer complimentary advice on what tasks to tackle and what to leave for the new owner. 

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