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Beyond Boston: Patriot's Trail Dining Guide

Dining on the Patriot's Trail in Boston

Dining on the Patriot's Trail in BostonThe Patriot’s Trail is known for its history but there are also many culinary delights that bring visitors to the area. The towns and cities north of Boston are home to many local fine dining establishments, friendly diners and popular family restaurants. Reflecting the influence of the many different cultures in the area, you’ll have the pick of different cuisines – from Thai, Indian and Asian to Italian Moroccan and Mexican, plus some really great traditional American food. You can choose from independent gastropubs, regional restaurant groups and national chains, depending on the occasion and who you are dining with. Plus there are many smaller coffee shops, bakeries and salad bars for grabbing a quick refreshment. Whether you are looking for authentic Italian in Winchester, want to enjoy a spicy curry in Bedford, or grab a burger and beer in Acton, the restaurants on the Patriot's Trail will satisfy your appetite for something delicious!

Don’t know where to start? Pick up a copy of Beyond Boston, a free magazine and pocket-sized guide to your towns and our services. In there you’ll find dining suggestions for each of the towns we serve, plus other useful information for when you are out and about this summer. Pick up your copy from any of our eight offices or at select local businesses.

June Housing Market Update

Sale Price as a $ of List Price: June 2022

It’s been a while since we had a “normal” housing market. Since Covid hit over 2 years ago we’ve been on a rollercoaster, riding the dip of the initial lockdown to the highs once Massachusetts opened for business again, and all the changes since. So it’s hard to remember what a typical housing market looks like. Looking back to June 2019 – [...]

5 Energy Saving Tips for Summer

Energy Saving Tips

Energy Saving TipsEnergy prices have been rising steadily in the United States. The climbing costs of natural gas, electricity, and oil have been reflected at the pump and in our monthly utility bills. Bostonians enjoy a reputation for embracing energy-efficient initiatives such as choosing renewable energy suppliers or installing solar. But there are many things a homeowner can do right away to make their home more energy efficient and enjoy the economic benefits that follow. The following summer energy saving tips for your home include cost-free daily best practices, inexpensive routine maintenance, and moderately priced home improvements which will yield substantial savings, leave a little more in your pocket at the end of every month, and give you the satisfaction of knowing you are contributing to the global effort of improving energy efficiency.  

1. Windows: Your windows invite natural sunlight into the rooms of your home. They also usher in the heat. Close the window treatments during the day to help keep your home cool, and relieve some of the burdens from your air conditioning system. Taking additional steps by upgrading your window treatments to thermal coverings and properly caulking or weatherstripping around the windows will increase your energy efficiency dramatically by keeping the heat at bay. 

2. Filters: Cleaning and replacing the air filters on your air conditioning system, and other household systems, should be on your routine maintenance checklist. A congested air filter can increase energy usage in the cooling system by fifteen percent. 

3. Thermostat: When first turning on your thermostat to cool your home avoid setting it to a lower temperature than your desired temperature. Attempting to cool the home more quickly using this method does not work. It will only make your unit work harder and use more energy in the process. Additionally, a programmable thermostat is an intelligent and moderately priced upgrade to any home. Using a programmable thermostat to keep your home slightly warmer when you are away, and cooling the home down shortly before you return, will yield significant energy savings. And by all means, don’t confuse your thermostat by placing lamps or other heat-generating appliances close by. These items will keep your cooling system running longer than necessary. 

4. Dining: Using your oven can easily raise the temperature in the kitchen by 10ºF. There is a treasury of dining options in the Greater Boston area. Summertime is the right time for eating out, especially during particularly hot days. Share the wealth by supporting your favorite local restaurants while saving on home energy costs in the process: a frugal and delicious decision. When cooking at home make use of your outdoor grill often. Putting older kids in charge of the grill is a simple way for them to share in household responsibilities, while you can enjoy the cool comfort of the kitchen preparing the salads and cold dishes. 

5. Appliances: Upgrade your air conditioning system to an Energy Star rated model. Higher rated SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) and EER (energy efficiency ratio) models are 15% more energy efficient than outdated cooling systems. To enjoy additional savings all year long consider replacing your other appliances - especially your refrigerator and dryer - with Energy Star models. 

Barrett Sotheby’s International Realty has been working with buyers and sellers at every price point in Greater Boston and surrounding areas for 50 years. We look forward to helping you this summer with your real estate needs. Contact our team today!

Beyond Boston: Pack Like a Boss, Move Like a Pro

Labeled Moving Boxes

Labeled Moving BoxesOn the move this summer? Most people agree that packing is the least enjoyable part of moving to a new home. It’s tempting to put it off until the last possible moment, however this can end up causing more stress and turning what should be an exciting moment – getting the keys to your new home – into a miserable experience. So don’t be that person who is still frantically stuffing clothes into garbage bags when the moving truck arrives. Our Beyond Boston magazine has some great tips to make the whole moving experience run smoothly.

Use the right material. Moving boxes and packing equipment are a relatively small expense in the context of your move, so don’t scrimp on this part. Having the right size box for your items will make packing – and unpacking – much easier and ensure your belongings are properly protected on their journey.

Label everything. Move methodically through your home, packing room by room, and have a labelling system so you’ll know what goes where when the truck arrives at your new destination.

Keep important items to hand. Make sure any documents you might need on closing day are easily accessible - not in a box at the very back of the truck. Likewise anything you might need as soon as you move in to make the unpacking go smoothly – be that your coffee pot or a corkscrew!

For more great tips pick up a copy of Beyond Boston, which also includes resources for professional packing and moving services should you decide to call in reinforcements!

Beyond Boston is a free guide to your towns and our services. Pick up your copy from any of our eight offices or at select local businesses.

Places to Catch an Outdoor Concert this Summer (Mostly Free!)

People Enjoying a Summer Concert in the Park

With summer right around the corner, we are super excited to welcome back some summer concerts! Our towns have a huge range of outdoor music to enjoy, from classical and kids entertainment to top tribute acts covering all your favorite songs. From Winchester to Westford, Acton to Bedford and everywhere in between, here’s [...]

Recipe for Success - The Key Ingredients for a Winning Offer

Barrett Sotheby's Sold Sign in Front of House

It’s been a tough few months for home buyers, with prices continuing to climb and homes moving quicker than ever. Contrary to belief we are not experiencing a shortage of inventory, rather it is a surplus of buyers which is driving up demand. In order to stay in the game, buyers are having to make decisions quickly and submit offers on homes [...]

Local Fairs and Festivals You Won't Want to Miss

People on a Ride at Local Fair

Spring is here, the flowers are in bloom, and the fair is coming to town! One of the best things about spring in New England is the chance to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather at some of the fun family events that happen in our communities. We have some awesome fairs and festivals coming to a town near you over the next few weeks, [...]

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